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The "Leirion" 

"Leirion" - Palaiochori Kalambaka 

Village in LD Pindos at an altitude 1050 feet, smothered in green fir forest (6000 ha.) smacks alpine landscape. Your big desire for contact with the carefree, human warmth and rustic life ends just a destination. Hello So PALAIOHORI !!! 

The sound of gurgling streams indicates the reality of sources Anarvas Vlachos and Kalogirou. There, at an altitude of 1369 meters "planted" a LIRION. 

Perennial firs, pines and chestnut trees, thousands of plant species rare and protected species of fauna, invite hiking and wandering in direct contact with nature. Walks with horses and archery lessons offered for those who want to follow the traces of their ancestors. The rivers, streams and crystal clear springs that are applied throughout picker surrounded by amazing scenery and wetlands. The rich natural heritage are not the only feature of Leirion. Dozens of villages, traditional villages and towns are ideal destinations for accommodation and stroll through the narrow streets and houses with unique architecture. 


In a warm and welcoming environment you will have the chance to try gourmet dishes that can satisfy the most demanding traditional culinary habits. The famous goat cheese, feta is the top product of milk and is well known throughout the country. Visitors will still taste the delicious meats, and our specialty is the deer, accompanied by a feast of flavors with the famous local wines and champagne. The trahana legumes and wonderful pies, made ​​with the age-old crafts recipes delivered