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The area Koziakas has all those facilities that will ensure visitors a comfortable and carefree moments in a natural environment of incomparable beauty. Furthermore it has the ability to deal with things that will bring him into contact with the beauty of the place. Hiking and climbing in a major network of paths leading in almost all vertices surrounding vounon- Egg (2.146m.) Marosa (2.020m.), Fairy (2.065m.) Triggia (2.204m.) And Feather (1901 m..) From the region passes the European hiking path E4 passes through the mountain refuge Chatzipetros. Biking in a number of forest roads and trails in Pertouliotika Meadows. 


Dominant species of the magnificent fir forest (80%). In a smaller number would meet: beech, sgendami, shells, juniper, ash, maple tree, willow. Also fruit trees such as walnut, Koromilia, plum, wild pear, cherry, etc. Rare wildflowers like hillbilly red lily, the "tear" of the Virgin Mary, the ichi (ion), amaranth, diochtra and much more. Herbs like tea, oregano, Mouskis, mint. Various mushrooms, Archie-brush, wild raspberries. The climate is continental with cold winter and hot summer. 

Lowest temperature is up -20oC, higher by 34 points. 


But rich fauna: tame animals such as cow, sheep. Wild animals such as deer, elk, wild boar, bear, wolf, fox, hare, weasel, squirrel. Feathered, partridges, pheasants, woodcock, hawks, doves and many other birds.